All This and Ice Cream too

In Italy, in bed, with The Dreamers.

In the words of somebody dear to me,
Left alone, not lonely.

If you're feeling similarly peaceful, meet CéU.

CéU - Sonhando



When I posted that song with that movie still, I must admit I had no idea what CéU was singing about.
I decided I should find out.

For the sake of pointing out the beauty of happenstance, I will stress that I was honestly unaware of the coincidence
until after I pinned the two together.

Spot the apparent theme surrounding me?
Ah life, you are so dreamy and perfect.


Jenny Morris said...

her alexis! jenny morris here. "ah life you are so dreamy and perfect"...that line is just lovely. as are you! hope to see you in montreal.

Alexis said...

Jenny Morris!
I didn't know anybody looked at this.
..lovely, and I hope so too.